Teaching When They Least Expect It

I'm just saying..... by Tracie Ezell

So, yesterday in Algebra one of my students managed to staple himself.  staple

Yes, that’s what I said.  Staple . . . himself.

This may not be odd or exciting news for those of you who have been teaching a while, but this wasn’t your typical “barely break the surface” kind of a stapling incident.  This one went beyond the bend on the staple.

It went something like this.

“Uh…Mrs. Ezell?”

“Yes, Riley?”

“I stapled myself.”

Now added to the list of things only a teacher hears.  “I stapled myself.”

This made me start thinking about all the other things I’ve heard…which almost caused this entry to go in a completely different direction…which could have been titled, “Your eyebrows look much better today, Mrs. Ezell” or “Did you mean for your hair to look like that?” But, that could have led to a bout with depression and a box of…

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